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UrbanX,  is the ultimate urban hip-hop party station, where we turn up the heat with the hottest beats 
of your favorite mainstream and independent hip-hop artists.

Exclusive interviews, lively conversations, and the dopest hosts in the game! They're the life of the party, infusing every segment with their unique style, knowledge, and passion for the culture.

Get ready to elevate your party experience as we bring you non-stop energy and chart-topping music. But we're not just about the music – we're about engaging with our listeners, sharing stories, and bringing 
you in-depth interviews and vibrant conversations. 

Tune in and let's make your party unforgettable, one track, interview, and conversation at a time!

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On-Air Personalites

Picture of Queen Bee

Queen Bee

Weekdays // 12pm-4pm EST

Picture of Slim


Weekdays // 4pm-8pm EST

Picture of Alexxus


Weekends // 4pm-8pm EST

Picture of Michelle Skye

Michelle Skye

Weekdays // 8pm-12am EST

Picture of DJ Thump Da Sound

DJ Thump the Sound

Weekends // 12pm-5pm EST

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