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Hype Nation, where we're rewinding the clock and revisiting the iconic sounds of the past.
Taking you on a journey through the golden era of hip hop, featuring classic beats, timeless rhymes, and unforgettable hits from the '80s, ‘90s, and '00s.
From the pioneers who paved the way to  the chart-topping anthems that defined a generation. 

Our hosts are true aficionados of the genre, sharing their passion, knowledge, and personal experiences with you in every segment. 

Tune in and let us be your guide through the authentic sounds and stories of hip hop's past, where every interview, conversation, and throwback track is a nostalgic trip down memory lane back to the glory days of hip hop.

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On-Air Talent

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Weekdays // 4pm-8pm EST

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Weekdays // 12am-4am EST

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Weekends // 8am-12pm EST

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