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Big Truth Ministries is honored to present Highest Praise Radio, an online gospel station that promises to deliver the best of traditional gospel classics and contemporary gospel hits. We take care in curating our music selection to glorify God while offering a consistent, authentic listening experience that inspires a life of praise.


At Highest Praise Radio, we acknowledge the deep roots of gospel music and celebrate its evolution over time. We invite you to join us and other listeners from around the world who share a common goal of deepening their relationship with God through the power of gospel music. Allow Highest Praise Radio to be a source of inspiration and motivation for you.


Lord, you are great and worthy of the highest praise! For there is no end to the discovery of the greatness that surrounds you. Psalm 145:3

Support Our Mission to Share Jesus through Highest Praise Radio

At Highest Praise Radio, we rely on the support of our listeners and community to keep going. We are a part of Big Truth Ministries, a registered non-profit organization that is dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus Christ through different media platforms, events, and experiences. Your financial contributions are integral to fulfilling our mission and allowing us to offer music to anyone, anywhere, at any time and allows you to keep listening to your favorite gospel music.

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On-Air Talent

Picture of Chay Bella

Chay Bella

Weekdays // 6am-9am EST

Picture of Lisa Be

Lisa Be

Weekdays // 9am-12pm EST

Picture of Tami


Weekdays // 6pm-9pm EST

Picture of Chika X

Chika X

Weekdays // 9pm-12am EST

Picture of Mello


Weekends // 6am-9am EST

Picture of TWright


Weekdays // 3pm-6pm EST

Picture of CJ Priest

CJ Preist

Weekends // 9am-12pm EST

Picture of Sister Joy

Sister Joy

Weekends // 12pm-3pm EST

Picture of Rhythmic B

Rhythmic B

Weekdays // 12am-3am EST

Picture of Dr. K

Dr. K

Weekends // 3pm-6pm EST

Picture of Sister Syl

Sister Syl

Weekdays // 12pm-3pm EST

Picture of Uncle Bishop

Uncle Bishop

Weekends // 6pm-9pm EST

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