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Mike Kamper

Hi, Mike Kamper here. So you’re checking up on me. Awesome!!! Thanks for checking us out. I’m from the south suburbs of Chicago. I started my radio career when I was pretty young. My hair wasn’t the color of snow back in those days. I started out with internships and worked my way up through Producing, Programming Assistant and eventually getting on the air with my own show.

When I’m not rockin’ and rollin’ you can usually find me outdoors either hiking the local and state trails or down in the smokies looking for bears. I also enjoy fishing and taking the ATV’s up to the great trails in Wisconsin and Michigan. If the weather sucks, which it often does in the midwest, I enjoy relaxing indoors and watching a movie from my large movie collection which continues to grow.


So now that you know about me, tell me about you. Reach out to me anytime at Follow me on instagram @rockandrollcampsite

Thanks for stopping by and Rock On!!!

The Shark // 7pm-11pm EST

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