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  • How many music genres does Audilous have?
    Currently, Audilous broadcasts Top 40, two sub-genres of Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B, Country, three sub-genres of Gospel/CCM, three sub-genres of Rock, and an Afro-beats station.
  • Do some of your stations play explicit lyrics?
    Yes. Some, not all, of the Audilous stations play explicit music. These stations are labeled with the 'Explicit Lyrics' badges on their web pages, and parental advisory is strongly urged. We do not condone the use of these stations by unsupervised minors.
  • Why can I not listen to Song On Demand?
    Audilous' music licenses do not permit us to broadcast some songs 'on demand'.
  • How can I submit my music for radio play?
    Audilous accepts clean music from independent music artists for radio play on specialty shows, and occasionally the music is added to regular rotation. Most of our stations have information on their web page, and have a designated email address for submissions.
  • Is the Audilous app available on both Android and Apple OS platforms?
    Yes. The Audilous app is available on both Android in the Google Play Store, and Apple in the App Store.
  • Why does the album art not match the song?
    This is a known issue with more Android devices than Apple. Album art for Audilous' radio streaming app is supplied by Apple Music for both device types, and they are working diligently to resolve the issue.
  • I live outside the United States. Why can't I hear your radio stations?
    Audilous' music streaming licenses are restricted to within the borders of the United States. We apologize to anyone inconvenienced by this.
  • If I login using Facebook or other social media platforms, is my Facebook information stored within Audilous?
    No. Audilous does not collect Facebook or other social media information, including login information. Audilous will not ask you for any personal information outside of the Audilous websites and app(s).
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