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Dirt Road Radio is your hit country music station.  We play all the hits!  Today's chart-toppers, yesterday's big songs and all of your favorite flashbacks!  When you want to hear the biggest stars of country music, you have a spot for that.  Take a drive down the dirt road.  We are out of Indianapolis, Indiana, but stream globally so no matter where you go, you can take us with you... unlike traditional FM radio, we don't ever have static.
When you need to hear the country songs to sing along to, at work, driving around, plowing the fields, working out, or, maybe even just chilling at home... we got you!
Country music isn't just "that" genre... it's "THE" genre.  And we cover it better than anyone else.

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On-Air Talent


Dave Gerhart

Weekdays // 10am-2pm EST


Billy Mac

Weekdays // 2pm-8pm EST


Dave Woods

Weekends // 7am-12pm EST


Van Camp & Morgan

Weekdays // 8am-12pm EST



Weekends // 12p-5pm EST

Josh-Website Pic.jpeg

Josh Paroski

Weekdays // 8m-12am EST

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