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I am DC (real name is Daryl). I was born near Cleveland, Ohio and am still, to this day, a huge fan of Cleveland sports. I currently live in the Indianapolis, Indiana area since 2007. Not only do I host “The Show with DC” on Rockcast Radio, The Shark and on Dirt Road Radio, but I am also the program and music director of the stations as well. On top of that I am part owner of Audilous and serve as the Vice President of Radio Operations.

I have been into hard rock, heavy metal, hair metal, modern hard rock, or whatever you label it as since back in junior high… the cassette era. In fact I love many genres of music including country, hiphop, EDM/dance and more. I would be on every station if I had the time.

I also host two syndicated radio shows that air in many countries. I host “Back To The Arena” (which also spawned a podcast – Back To The Arena… The Interviews) and “Hair On The Air”. I have been into radio since as long as I can remember. And here I am on Audilous living that dream. I love hearing from listeners with suggestions, so feel free to reach out.  Get all the links to what I do at and thanks for reading.

Weekends // Rockcast Radio // 5pm-10pm Eastern

Weekdays // The Shark // 3pm-7pm Eastern

Weekends // Dirt Road Radio // 12pm-5pm Eastern

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