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Audilous is the perfect way to get your business the exposure you need. Advertising works with frequency and reaching your audience repeatedly. Radio is the perfect medium for this, being able to expose your ad to the audience repeatedly to build awareness. Also due to the loyalty of people listening to our station, you are able to impact the same people more often

Station Diversity:

Premium Positioning, Maximum Exposure:

Digital Integration:

Trackable Results:

Choose from our extensive lineup of 17 stations, each catering to unique audiences and demographics. Whether you’re targeting specific markets or aiming for broad exposure, The Audilous Network has the perfect station for your brand.

Sponsorship guarantees your business premium spot positioning, granting you maximum exposure to our dedicated listeners. Capitalize on the power of radio advertising to boost your brand recognition and connect with your target audience.

Complement your on-air presence by incorporating digital banners on the website. Our digital space offers various sizes and can be customized to track customer engagement. Seize the opportunity to reach our online audience, with the average browser spending 2 minutes and 41 seconds exploring the The Audilous Network website.

We understand the importance of measuring advertising effectiveness. Our digital banners can be coded to track customer interactions, providing valuable insights into the impact of your sponsorship. Capitalize on website traffic from engaged listeners who spend quality time exploring our platform.


Join hands with The Audilous Network and let your brand resonate across airwaves and digital landscapes. Elevate your advertising strategy and make a lasting impression on our diverse and engaged audience.


  • 1 Audilous Station of Your Choice

  • On-Air Read Daily per Station

  • One 15-second Ad Aired 5x/Day 

*Starting price. Conditions and restrictions apply. Ask your account representative for more details.

Need more customization for your growing business?...

Audilous™ offers a wide range of additional and customizable advertising options to fit your business needs. 

  • Multiple Station Options

  • Web Banner on Station(s) Webpage

  • Social Media Posts per day, per station

  • Show and Station Sponsorships

  • and More to Help Grow your Business including Custom Radio Stations for your Business


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Arlington, VA 


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